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Avoid Grinding Your Gears
With Our Transmission Diagnostics & Repair Services
Increase the life and performance of your vehicle with transmission diagnostics and brake repair services from our auto shop in College Station, Texas. Transmission Specialties, LLC has a full host of transmission services to maintain your vehicle's running condition. We also offer brake repair work as well.
The Best Prices Around
Transmission Specialties, LLC will consistently bid lower than anyone in town on transmission repair services. We are known to be honest people who you can trust and stand behind all our services. Our shop is always looking to make your life easier; this is why we provide free local tows for transmission overhauls and major repair work.
Auto Repair Shop - Transmission Diagnostics

About Our Business
For over 20 years individuals and small auto dealers with transmission problems on both imported and domestic vehicles have turned to our owner, Kevin, for quality transmission services at the lowest rates. We moved to our current location two years ago as Transmission Specialties, LLC to expand our operation and provide even better service.

Brake Repair Services
Protect your family by maintaining your brakes at Transmission Specialties. We provide brake replacements for your pads to help stop the squeak, turn rotors, and all other general repair work. Contact us at (888) 441-3193 to make an appointment or drop off your vehicle today.

Automatic Transmission Rebuild, Repair & Service
Taking care of your transmission is important. Many problems can be prevented or caught when they are small by paying attention to your transmission and getting those rough shifts checked out early on. Our automatic transmission services include:

  • Complimentary test drive with electronic scanner.
  • Transmission Services – similar to an oil change, but for your transmission. While the pan is dropped, we can visually check for problems and make minor adjustments.
  • Replace Solenoids (computers) or Valve bodies which are giving problems.
  • Reseal the transmission if leaks are found.
  • Remove the transmission for inspection - the ultimate diagnosis. During removal process, the engine mounts, cooler lines, CV Axles and boots, and U-joints are checked and you will be advised if any problems are found.
  • Tear down the transmission. Every piece is disassembled, steam-cleaned, and checked carefully.
  • Rebuild the transmission. Many parts are always replaced in an overhaul, and other parts that are not designed to wear out (called hard parts) are replaced only when they show wear or you want them replaced.
  • Flush the cooler lines that go to the transmission. Transmissions must be cool to operate properly. Too hot and problems occur rapidly.

Brake System Repair & Service
Brakes are an important component of your vehicle. If they fail, stopping your vehicle is difficult to impossible. Our brake services include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Line Replacement
  • Lining Replacement
  • Pad Replacement
  • Replacing & Turning Rotors

Related Automotive Services
We specialize in automatic transmission services, but also offer related services including:

  • Battery Service
  • Automatic Flywheel Replacement or Resurfacing
  • Replace CV Axles & Boots
  • Replace U-Joints
  • Repair & Replace Rear-Ends
Call our auto shop in College Station, Texas, at (888) 441-3193
to make an appointment for our transmission diagnostics.